Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa ate the Cookies

After opening presents, Jayce was so excited to see if Santa had ate the cookies we had put out the night before. Last year, Jayce was not quite as excited about leaving cookies for Santa. Our plan last year was to get rid of Jayce's pacifier over Christmas break. For weeks we had been telling Jayce that Rudolph had lost his pacifier and what a great idea it would be if Jayce would leave his paci for Santa to pick up. So, on Christmas Eve we laid out cookies and milk and reminded Jayce about leaving his paci for Rudolph. He was very reluctant, but after much convincing he laid it down on the plate by the cookies. Jayce went on to bed and Jared and I thought that finally we had gotten rid of that darn pacifier. About an hour later I heard a noise and walked up the stairs to check it out. Peering from the bottom step of the family room I could see Jayce walking back down the hallway to his bedroom. As I walked up the stairs he must have heard be because he turned around. In his mouth was his pacifier that he had taken from Santa's plate. He held up his pointer finger and said (with the paci in his mouth) "Mommy, don't say a word." He immediately turned around, walked into his bedroom, and shut the door. I've never laughed so hard in my life. We had to deal with the paci for another six months until we could convice him to feed it to Nemo (the fish) in the lake :)

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