Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day #3....Introducing Duchess the new dog

Today was Snow Day #3. We braved the melting snow and traveled to Springfield to pick up a new dog that we were adopting. Duchess is a cockapoo. She is four years old. Her old owners were moving out of state and couldn't take her along.

We made our first stop at Fuji's (a japanese restaurant) one of our favorite places to eat in Springfield. Jayce had never been before, so it was pretty exciting for him. The chef cooks right in front of you and does lots of tricks with fire while cooking. Jayce even got to eat with chopsticks! Oh I forgot to mention that poor Jordy got left behind at Meemaw Barb's. He always misses out on the fun trips :)

Our next stop was to Bass Pro. Jayce posed by a big bear and some gigantic alagator gar. He rode on some "Vroom-Vrooms" and even climbed in the boats. I know the salesman thought we were crazy, because Jayce and I were climbing in the pontoons and pretending that we were pirates on the seven seas. Jayce kept yelling "Watch out! Watch out! The big waves are coming."

After Bass Pro, we went to pick up Duchess. Jayce was very excited and I think Dutchess's mommy was pretty sad to let her go. She rode quietly in the car with us back home. She is very well mannered and friendly. She has been walking around the house all evening sniffing and checking everything out. I hope she makes a good fit into our family and I hope she starts helping me out by cleaning up the food left in the floor by the boys :)


  1. welcome duchess, she's just perfect jayce and jordy are going to have so much fun with her

  2. Oh, how exciting, she looks like she liked Jared really well. What a beautiful dog, hopefully her and the boys will get along great.

  3. Hahah! I laughed when I was picturing you guys climbing through the boats playing Pirates! Aaarrr!

    The new dog looks like fun! I hope she is a good fit for you guys!