Sunday, March 8, 2009

Busy Beavers!

Since today was such a beautiful day, we decided to go for a ride in the mule down to the lake. There is a little valley area where the water level is down, so we were able to go treasure hunting where normally there is lots of water. What an adventure we had!

Daddy spotted a horse tree across the lake on the hill, so we climbed up the big hill to this ginormous horse tree. This horse tree was so big that it made Grandma and Grandpa Long's horse tree look like a miniature pony.

We spotted clues that a beaver might be close by. We saw logs that he had chewed in half, a tree he had cut down with his big chompers, and the home he has built for his beaver family. Jayce thought it was so cool, to look for pieces of wood that the beaver had chomped on.

Daddy spotted a dead frog in the spring that feeds into the lake. Jayce wanted us to move it closer so he could see it better. He was very curious and wanted to know how he had died. Jared said that maybe a raccoon had got ahold of him :) Jayce got so mad and said "Yeah, I bet that mean raccoon got him!"

Jayce spotted a big tire that normally sits at the bottom of the lake. I wonder if it's a summer home for a fishy family.

We saw this old wall that had been built some time ago. The gravel had buried most of it, but it had to have been about 100 feet long. The wall is covered by the lake when the water is up, so it's interesting to think what it could have been used for?

Jayce was so proud of the shell he had found.

On the way back to the mule, Jordy kept saying "cheese" until I finally took a picture of him :) Goofball.

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