Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunny California, The Beginning

Wow, I couldn't believe it's been a month since I've blogged. I've had lots of pictures just not enough time or patience to get them posted. I am going to start with our trip to California over Easter Break. Jayce, Meemaw Barb, and I decided to go on vacation to California to visit Jared's sister, Aunt Jo. I have never been to California before, so I was very excited. Our four day vacation was jam-packed with lots of sight-seeing, celebrity houses, and Disneyland. Here is just the beginning. Stay tuned and I promise I will try to post daily until I get all the vacation pictures uploaded.

Waiting patiently to get on our plane and start our big trip.

We are about to board our little plane to fly to Denver. I had never had to walk outside to board a plane before. It was so small that we couldn't even carry on our carry-on bags.

Here we are on the plane leaving Springfield heading toward Denver. Jayce was very excited.

After arriving in L.A. we had to make a quick stop at the closest In and Out. I had never eaten at one before and couldn't believe that your only choices on the menu was either a hamburger or french fries. Two food items that's it. Crazy, but also very addicting :)

Jayce kept calling these Pine Trees.

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  1. Need more pics!!!! :) How ya doing? HAven't talked to you in forever.