Saturday, August 1, 2009

Branson Getaway

We decided to go to Branson for a mini vacation. This is something we try to do every year. We went to Silver Dollar City, rode the Ducks, and shopped. The boys had a great time and below are some of the more memorable moments.
On our way to Branson, we made a quick stop at Bass Pro. The boys couldn't leave without a bag of candy. Jayce chose gummy worms and Jordan chose circus peanuts. There was a huge display of candies and for some reason Jordan wanted those circus peanuts. I have a feeling Grandma Long had something to do with that :)
Jayce at the fountains on Branson Landing.

Ready to leave from the train depot at Silver Dollar City. I have a slight look of embarrassment because Jayce and Jordy kept saying "Cheese" over and over.

On Wednesday morning we rode the DUCKS. As you can see Jordy was practicing his quacking skills.

Jayce even got to drive!

This was Jordy's first ride. As you can see he was not too amused.

Jayce on the ladybug ride. He thought he was pretty big getting to ride by himself.

This is Jordy's second ride. It's hard to see, but he is smiling and waving in this picture. Not near as traumatic as the previous ride.

On our way out of the park we had to stop and get cotton candy. The boys had never tried any before, so it was pretty interesting. Jordy wouldn't try it at first. He didn't like the way it felt.

Jayce on the other hand dove right in.


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