Sunday, June 28, 2009

All grown up!

18 week ultrasound-It's a boy!

Jayce's hospital picture

Could that pacifier be any bigger :)

Loving the swing. Around 6 weeks old.

Jayce was always a very happy baby, full of grins.

One of his first real baths. Looks like Superman.

Jayce's first birthday

About a year old in this picture. He loved this Humpty Dumpty book. I'm sure I've read it at least a million times.

In his Halloween costume (Superman)

A little awnry

A little out of order. Jayce was around 9 months old. What a daredevil.

Jayce's 2nd birthday party

Eating birthday cake at home

I love this picture. This was the day after Jordan was born. We had been up to Columbia to visit Jordy in the hospital and came back home to refresh and repack before heading back up. We stopped at Wal-Mart and Jayce wanted to ride this ride. He doesn't look excited at all. I think he has just now realized that his life as he knows it will no longer be the same.

2 year pictures taken at Sears

With Jordan at the hospital. Not to amused :)

I took this picture to compare sizes between the two. Jordy was only a couple of weeks old in this picture.

Looks just like his father :)

Jayce's first big fish. He caught it all by himself.

At the Santa Monica Pier on our trip to California this past April.

All grown up!
I guess I could start out with all the facts about when he was born, how much he weighed, what time it was, but this is what I really remember. I woke up the morning of June 28th to get ready for hopefully my last Dr's. appointment before Jayce's arrival. I got ready, had a quick bologna sandwich (an obvious pregnancy craving) and was out the door. I was scheduled to go into the hospital on the next day, so my plans were to make my quick Dr.'s appointment and then head back home to clean the house, catch up on laundry, and get everything ready for the big day. Instead, my Dr. sent me on over to the hospital after my appointment because she was concerned over the lack of movement I was experiencing. My plans for a clean house were cancelled when she decided to keep me at the hospital and induce my labor. I called Jared, who was teaching summer school and laid the unexpected news on him. I didn't have my bags packed yet, so I had to rely on him to pack what I needed (not a good idea, lol). I called all immediate family members and before you knew it the hospital waiting room was packed with lots of excited people. Everything seemed to be going pretty smoothly until around 5:00 when the monitor's started beeping. Jayce was not doing well with the stress and his heart rate continued to drop. The Dr. tried several attempts, but was unable to stabilize his heart rate. That's when she decided to call for a C-section. This was not at all what we had planned, but agreed we needed to do what was best for Jayce. Like a whirlwind I was rushed in, prepped, and Jayce was delivered. The first words out of the Dr's. mouth was "Look at all that hair." I actually didn't believe her, because just a few weeks earlier at our last ultrasound, the tech had told us that she didn't think he had much hair at all. She must have been in training, because boy was she wrong. That kid had a full head of black hair, ready for his first haircut. His full head of hair paid off, because the nurses just swooned over him and even choose him to be the baby model during the parenting classes. I know that's a day I'll never forget. It's hard to believe that was four years ago. Where has the time went to? What a neat kid he has turned out to be. I am so proud of him and he never ceases to amaze me. It's been an exciting ride so far, and although it makes me sad that he's growing up so fast, it's also exciting to think of what's in the future. Happy Birthday big guy. We love you!

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