Friday, February 20, 2009

The joy of reading :)

This past week we have been celebrating reading. This yearly celebration was themed "Race to Read." All week long at school we have celebrated reading with this fun racing theme. Our goal by Friday was to have read 5,000 books building wide. I wanted to post these pictures and videos because it's a little glimpse into how much fun my job is :) First of all I just wanted to post this picture because I'm pretty sure our school is haunted. I hope this picture comes through clear enough for you to see all of these "orbs." Kind of creepy :) Here is a picture of all 800 of our students. I can't believe we were able to fit them all into our little gym. One of the rewards for meeting our goal of 5,000 books was for Melissa (the building principal) and I to race on Wii Mario Kart. We are both very competitive. It was sooo much fun and the kids loved it :) A second reward for reaching our goal was for the classes to make their own car and have their teacher race it. Here is a video of one of the races. I know it looks so silly, but the kids get such a kick out of watching their teachers be goofy. Everyone had such a good time :)

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  1. This looks like more fun than our celebration! We had to play dodge ball, it was like junior high all over:(